You can ask questions of warranty service during the warranty period provided by the manufacturer, from the moment of receipt of the original order.
We unequivocally deny you warranty service if the goods are not used as intended; the goods were subjected to mechanical stress; the goods have been flooding fluids; in the case of dispatching the goods to our warehouse without the authorization of the dispatch of the goods from our side, the goods were used for entrepreneurial activities, and for other purposes that do not comply with its intended purpose; if the product has traces of attempts of unqualified repair; if the defect is caused by modifications to the product; if the defect is caused by irresistible forces, accidents, deliberate or reckless acts of consumer or third parties; damage caused by exposure to moisture, high or low temperatures, corrosion, oxidation, penetration inside the product of foreign objects, substances, liquids, insects or animals.
The warranty does not apply to the following defects: mechanical damage occurring after the transfer of the goods to the buyer (consumer); damage due to accident, careless handling and poor care for the product.

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